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Poll: What an Unusual Accomplishment...

What is the most unique overall accomplishment by someone in the world of film? Actor, actress, director, producer, etc. I'm trying to avoid Oscar milestones unless they are highly unusual (e.g., Linda Hunt's Oscar).

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    Kevin Bacon

    Inspired "The Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon," where actors/actresses are assigned "Bacon Numbers" based on their connection to him.
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    Adoor Bhasi

    Most prolific actor of all time, with 560 credits.
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    Rubén Blades

    Has had an equally successful career in music, film, and politics. Once ran for President of Panama.
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    Mel Blanc

    Became a household name and beloved icon based solely on his voice-over work.
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    Sandra Bullock

    Only actress to win a Best Actress Oscar and a Worst Actress Razzie in the same year.
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    John Cazale

    Only acted in five films over a six-year period, all of which were Best Picture Oscar nominees (three won).
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    Walt Disney

    Had the most Oscar nominations ever, with a total of 59 (22 of them were wins). Also became the most well-known producer of all time.
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    Joseph Estrada

    Became President of the Phillipines, and was later impeached and resigned.
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    Louis Feuillade

    Most prolific director of all time, with 673 credits.
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    Audrey Hepburn

    Has won Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony Awards (EGOT). According to, a number of other people have done this. Since she's the most well known, she's representing all of them.
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    Anthony Hopkins

    Has played two real-life U.S. Presidents, Richard Nixon and John Quincy Adams, despite being British.
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    Linda Hunt

    Only person to win an Oscar for playing someone of the opposite sex.
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    Amy Irving

    Was nominated for an Oscar and a Razzie for the same performance. James Coco has also done this, so she's representing both of them.
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    Samuel L. Jackson

    Highest-grossing actor of all time, measured by how much money his films have made.
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    Buster Keaton

    Most roles ever played by an actor in one film, playing several different characters plus an entire audience "The Play House." No CGI.
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    Grace Kelly

    Became the Princess of Monaco.
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    Audie Murphy

    Was the most decorated U.S. soldier of World War II, and played himself in a biopic about his own experiences.
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    Irene Papas

    Has made movies in seven (possibly eight) different languages. Max von Sydow and Rajnikanth have also reached seven, and there may be others, so Irene Papas can represent all of them.
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    Bill Plympton

    Only animator to single-handedly draw his own feature film.
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    Roman Polanski

    Has directed films in three different languages. According to a list of multilingual talent, several other directors have done this, so he's representing all of them.
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    Elvis Presley

    Convinced legions of fans that he was still alive.
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    Ronald Reagan

    Became President of the United States. He once stated that he didn't know how anyone could be President without having first been an actor.
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    José Antonio Sistiaga

    Created the only feature film in history made without a camera, by painting directly onto the film.
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    Sylvester Stallone

    Has more Razzie nominations than anyone else, with a total of 32 (10 of them were wins).
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    Charles Tait

    Directed the first feature film of all time, "The Story of the Kelly Gang," in 1906.
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    Frank Welker

    Was up until recently the highest-grossing actor of all time, despite the fact that most of his roles are sound effects and voice-overs for animals.
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    Orson Welles

    Made what is considered by many to be the best film of all time when he was only 25.
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    Edward D. Wood Jr.

    Gained a cult following that lasts to this day because his movies were so bad.

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