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Poll: Oscars 2020 — Best International Feature Film

Which of the Oscar nominees for the 'Best International Feature Film' Academy Award do you think should win?

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    Corpus Christi (2019)

    Polish Title: 'Boze Cialo' (Poland)

    Language: Polish

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    Honeyland (2019)

    International Title: 'Honeyland' (North Macedonia)

    Languages: Turkish | Macedonian | Serbo-Croatian

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    Les Misérables (2019)

    French Title: 'Les misérables' (France)

    Language: French

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    Pain and Glory (2019)

    Spanish Title: 'Dolor y gloria' (Spain)

    Language: Spanish

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    Parasite (2019)

    Korean Title: 기생충 aka 'Gisaengchung' (South Korea)

    Languages: Korean | English

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