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Poll: Actors Who Won Two Oscars the Same Decade

With his second Oscar win for Green Book (2018), Mahershala Ali became the 21st actor to win two Oscars for acting the same decade.

Which of the performers who achieved the same feat is your favorite?

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    Mahershala Ali

    Moonlight (Best Supporting Actor 2017) and Green Book (Best Supporting Actor 2019)
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    Christoph Waltz

    Inglourious Basterds (Best Supporting Actor 2010) and Django Unchained (Best Supporting Actor 2013)
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    Sean Penn

    Mystic River (Best Actor 2004) and Milk (Best Actor 2009)
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    Hilary Swank

    Boys Don't Cry (Best Actress 2000) and Million Dollar Baby (Best Actress 2005)
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    Tom Hanks

    Philadelphia (Best Actor 1994) and Forrest Gump (Best Actor 1995)
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    Dustin Hoffman

    Kramer vs. Kramer (Best Actor 1980) and Rain Man (Best Actor 1989)
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    Sally Field

    Norma Rae (Best Actress 1980) and Places in the Heart (Best Actress 1985)
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    Meryl Streep

    Kramer vs. Kramer (Best Supporting Actress 1980) and Sophie's Choice (Best Actress 1983)
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    Jane Fonda

    Klute (Best Actress 1972) and Coming Home (Best Actress 1979)
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    Maggie Smith

    The Prime of Miss Brodie (Best Actress 1970) and California Suite (Best Supporting Actress 1979)
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    Jason Robards

    All the President's Men (Best Supporting Actor 1977) and Julia (Best Supporting Actor 1978)
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    Glenda Jackson

    Women in Love (Best Actress 1971) and A Touch of Class (Best Actress 1974)
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    Katharine Hepburn

    Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (Best Actress 1968) and The Lion in Winter (Best Actress 1969)
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    Elizabeth Taylor

    Butterfield 8 (Best Actress 1961) and Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf (Best Actress 1967)
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    Shelley Winters

    The Diary of Anne Frank (Best Supporting Actress 1960) and A Patch of Blue (Best Supporting Actress 1966)
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    Peter Ustinov

    Spartacus (Best Supporting Actor 1961) and Topkapi (Best Supporting Actor 1965)
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    Spencer Tracy

    Captain Courageous (Best Actor 1938) and Boys Town (Best Actor 1939)
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    Anthony Quinn

    Viva Zapata! (Best Supporting Actor 1953) and Lust for Life (Best Supporting Actor 1957)
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    Walter Brennan

    Come and Get It (Best Supporting Actor 1937) and Kentucky (Best Supporting Actress 1939)
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    Bette Davis

    Dangerous (Best Actress 1936) and Jezebel (Best Actress 1939)
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    Luise Rainer

    The Great Ziegfeld (Best Actress 1937) and The Good Earth (Best Actress 1938)

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