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Poll: Casting for Mr. Sinister

Nathaniel Essex a.k.a Mr. Sinister is a villain of the Marvel Universe and will appear in an upcoming film by FOX. He is a biologist who dreams of perfecting the human race by somehow using mutant DNA to achieve it. He believes that Cyclops' family tree holds the key to his dream and will do anything to make his dream a reality.

Abilities include:Genius-level intellect, regenerative healing factor, telepathy, molecular manipulation, shapeshifting, virtual immunity to injury, energy projection via telekinesis, teleportation

Who do think should play Mr. Sinister in an upcoming X-Men Movie?

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  1. Vote!

    Bryan Cranston

  2. Vote!

    Jason Isaacs

  3. Vote!

    Mark Strong

  4. Vote!

    Luke Evans

  5. Vote!

    Ralph Fiennes

  6. Vote!

    Wes Bentley

  7. Vote!

    Matthew Goode

  8. Vote!

    Jonathan Rhys Meyers

  9. Vote!

    Jude Law

  10. Vote!

    Colin Firth

  11. Vote!

    Joel Edgerton

  12. Vote!

    Zachary Quinto

  13. Vote!

    Rami Malek

  14. Vote!

    Sean Bean

  15. Vote!

    Rufus Sewell

  16. Vote!

    Richard Armitage

  17. Vote!

    Robert James-Collier

  18. Vote!

    Iain Glen

  19. Vote!

    Daniel Craig

  20. Vote!

    Toby Stephens

  21. Vote!

    Sam Heughan

  22. Vote!

    Matthew Macfadyen

  23. Vote!

    Hugh Laurie

  24. Vote!

    Paul Anderson

  25. Vote!

    Pierce Brosnan

  26. Vote!

    Marton Csokas

  27. Vote!

    Andrew Scott

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