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Poll: The Best French Horror Movies of All Time

France has a long tradition with horror films. Since the very beginning of cinema to the New French Extremity of the 2000's and a very recent resurgence of the "cinema de genre" with Raw (2016).

Which one of these French horror movies is your favorite ?

Discuss it over here.

Sources: I have used more than thirty websites and books specialized in movies and horror (including Rotten Tomatoes, Rolling Stones, Creepycatalog, WhatCulture, MUBI, Telerama, AlloCiné, AllHorror...) in order to pinpoint these movies. Moreover, I have used IMDb to sort French horror movies and I have chosen only those which have more than 2000 votes.

Results of 235 votes:

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    Irreversible (2002)

    Not strictly horror but very disturbing

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