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Poll: IMDb Poll Board's Birthday Buddies

The members of the IMDb poll board picked their favorite celebrity born on the same day as themselves (not necessarily the same year). Which of these people is your favorite?

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    Jakob Cedergren

    Swedish-Danish actor
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    Elizabeth Tulloch

    American actress
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    John Banner

    Austrian-American actor
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    Tex Avery

    American animator and director
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    Emma Watson

    British actress and activist
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    Chris Pratt

    American actor
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    Willem Dafoe

    American actor
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    Dustin Hoffman

    American actor
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    Julie Andrews

    British actress and singer
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    Jordan Rudess

    American keyboardist and composer
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    Caroline Kennedy

    American politician and attorney
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    Sarah Chalke

    Canadian actress

    Added March 20, 2022

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