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Poll: "Ozark" Character You'll Miss the Most

Ozark (2017), which has been one of the most popular and most critically acclaimed TV series of this century thus far (and one of the highest rated on IMDb), has come to an end. When you get to know the characters of a long running series, especially a streamed program like ''Ozark'' that you can binge-watch and also watch over and over again, the end of that series can feel like a loss. Even if we can watch it again, not seeing the lives of characters continue to develop can make us miss them -- or at least some of them. With the colorful cast of characters that Ozark (2017) has had, your favorite might be someone you love or someone you love to hate (or a little bit of both); who will you miss the most?

Discuss or grieve here.

Note: A quick look at the photographs below reveal that the makers of "Ozark" chose to have the cinematography reflect the dark content of the series, as much as the color palette reflects the setting. While the characters may, indeed, be colorful, the images of them are not.

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    Jason Bateman in Ozark (2017)

    Marty Byrde
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    Julia Garner in Ozark (2017)

    Ruth Langmore
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    Laura Linney in Ozark (2017)

    Wendy Byrde
  4. Vote!

    Skylar Gaertner in Ozark (2017)

    Jonah Byrde
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    Sofia Hublitz in Ozark (2017)

    Charlotte Byrde
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    Marc Menchaca, Charlie Tahan, and Carson Holmes in Ozark (2017)

    Wyatt Langmore
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    Janet McTeer in Ozark (2017)

    Helen Pierce
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    Felix Solis in Ozark (2017)

    Omar Navarro
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    Lisa Emery in Ozark (2017)

    Darlene Snell
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    Peter Mullan in Ozark (2017)

    Jacob Snell
  11. Vote!

    Harris Yulin in Ozark (2017)

  12. Vote!

    Tom Pelphrey in Ozark (2017)

    Ben Davis
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    Jordana Spiro in Ozark (2017)

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    Damian Young in Ozark (2017)

    Jim Rattelsdorf
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    Jessica Frances Dukes in Ozark (2017)

    Special Agent Maya Miller
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    Jason Butler Harner in Ozark (2017)

    Agent Roy Petty
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    Adam Rothenberg in A Hard Way to Go (2022)

    Private Investigator Mel Sattem
  18. Vote!

    Marc Menchaca in Ozark (2017)

    Russ Langmore
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    Jason Bateman and Trevor Long in Ozark (2017)

    Cade Langmore
  20. Vote!

    Carson Holmes in Ozark (2017)

    Three Langmore
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    Christopher James Baker and Julia Garner in Ozark (2017)

    Boyd Langmore (with Ruth)
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    Felix Solis and Alfonso Herrera in Sangre Sobre Todo (2022)

    Javi Elizonndro (with Omar Navarro, his uncle)
  23. Vote!

    Jason Bateman, Felix Solis, and Veronica Falcón in Mud (2022)

    Camila Elizonndro
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    Michael Mosley in Ozark (2017)

  25. Vote!

    Evan George Vourazeris in Ozark (2017)

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    Joseph Sikora in Ozark (2017)

    Frank Cosgrove Jr.
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    John Bedford Lloyd

    Frank Cosgrove (as played by John Bedford Lloyd)
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    Darren Goldstein in Ozark (2017)

    Charles Wilkes
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    Kevin L. Johnson in Ozark (2017)

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    Robert C. Treveiler in Ozark (2017)

    Sheriff Nix

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