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Poll: Face-Off: The 5 Horsemen of Music

From this shortlist of singing cowboys, who is your favorite?

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    Gene Autry. 200 Soundtrack Credits.

    In 1928 he began singing on a local radio station, and three years later he had his own show and was making his first recordings. Three years after that he made his film debut in Ken Maynard's In Old Santa Fe. (1934)

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    Roy Rogers and Dale Evans in Under Nevada Skies (1946)

    Roy Rogers with wife Dale Evans. 103 Soundtrack credits.

    Played in such musical groups as The Hollywood Hillbillies, Rocky Mountaineers, Texas Outlaws, and his own group, the International Cowboys. In 1934 he formed another group, that would eventually appear in the western, 'Rhythm on the Range' (1936), co-starring Bing Crosby and Martha Raye.

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    Tex Ritter

    Tex Ritter 84 Soundtrack credits

    Grand National Pictures screen-tested Tex Ritter, who began a series of films with the studio beginning with 'Song of the Gringo.' (1936) Ritter also recorded "Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darlin," the movie title-track song for High Noon (1952). The song became a hit and received an Academy Award for Best Music, Original Song, for 1953. Tex Ritter was also the father of television sitcom actor John Ritter.

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    Ken Curtis in Gunsmoke (1955)

    Ken Curtis, better known as Festus from the TV Show "Gunsmoke." (1955) 16 Soundtrack credits.

    Curtis was a singer before moving into acting, and combined both careers once he entered films. He was with the Tommy Dorsey band in 1941, and succeeded Frank Sinatra as vocalist in 1942. His first singing role was 1945 in 'Rhythm Round-Up.' Also sang on several episodes of "Gunsmoke"

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    John Wayne 13 Soundtrack credits.

    Surprisingly, Wayne early in his career, at age 27, appeared as "Singin' Sandy Saunders" in Riders of Destiny (1933). Since Wayne could not sing, his filmed songs were dubbed. In his last role on the film 'The Shootist' he actually performed the song, "Willow, Tit Willow"

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