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Poll: Best Twist in BoJack Horseman's Animation

Every BoJack Horseman episode is unique in animation but some episodes included a unique twist in their storytelling that delivers notable episodes hard to forget.

Which one of the following episodes with more extraordinary animation than the usual remains your favorite?

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    The New Client (2019)

    The New Client produces the best animation of the first half of the season 6. This episode focuses at length causes you feel anxious and stress and with his animation is able to accomplish this goal.
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    Free Churro (2018)

    In BoJack's own worlds "No show should have that much talking" but somehow this show properly manages to deliver a whole episode about a monologue and it's a masterpiece.
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    INT. SUB (2018)

    After "Free Churro" the show on top delivers a whole episode with every character carefully drawn in a whole different way. This instantly opens for many gags and good jokes in the fandom.
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    Stupid Piece of Sh*t (2017)

    The animation inside of Bojack's mind is absolutely perfect.
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    Time's Arrow (2017)

    A whole episode inside of Beatrice mind is absolutely awesome. The fluid animation, the remarkable story, the soundtrack and the voice acting is just another modern masterpiece of this show.
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    Fish Out of Water (2016)

    Before BoJack delivers a whole episode with that much talking there was “Fish out of water.” This unusual episode is a masterpiece with no dialogue and is full of action. The plot is simple but it works.

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