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Poll: R.I.P. Charles Grodin

The IMDb Poll Board users are sad to hear that Charles Grodin passed away on May 18, 2021. He was born on April 21, 1935, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA and raised in an Orthodox Jewish home. Grodin was of Russian and Polish ancestry. After attending the University of Miami, he opted for acting. He was married twice; our thoughts go to his bereaved wife and his two grown-up kids.

Grodin was a deadpan comedian with a deep smooth voice and a lovely kind of humor. His characters often were friends, family fathers, or unsure guys. He played lead as well as supporting characters, and he always was a benefit for the movies he played in. So we present some of his best performances.

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    Robert De Niro and Charles Grodin in Midnight Run (1988)

    He played the role of Jonathan Mardukas side by side with the character Robert De Niro played in Midnight Run (1988)
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    Charles Grodin, Bonnie Hunt, Nicholle Tom, and Christopher Castile in Beethoven (1992)

    In Beethoven (1992) Grodin played the caring family father George Newton who had to struggle with the family dog, a Saint Bernard.
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    Jeff Bridges, Charles Grodin, and Jessica Lange in King Kong (1976)

    When he was in his middle age, once he played a greasy oil man in King Kong (1976) called Fred Wilson. In that movie he acted with Jessica Lange and Jeff Bridges.
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    Charles Grodin and Cybill Shepherd in The Heartbreak Kid (1972)

    In The Heartbreak Kid (1972), he was in the role of Lenny Cantrow, who's unsure about his marriage and falls for another woman.
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    Jim Belushi and Charles Grodin in Taking Care of Business (1990)

    He was Spencer, an uptight advertising exec, side by side with Jim Belushi's character in Taking Care of Business (1990)
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    Charles Grodin and Kelly LeBrock in The Woman in Red (1984)

    In his role Buddy, he was a very good friend of Theodore Pierce, the main character which was played by Gene Wilder in The Woman in Red (1984).
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    Steve Martin and Charles Grodin in The Lonely Guy (1984)

    Warren was a role he played on the side of Steve Martin in The Lonely Guy (1984)
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    Charles Grodin, Lily Tomlin, Shelby Balik, Justin Dana, and Maria Smith in The Incredible Shrinking Woman (1981)

    His role on the side of Lily Tomlin's role Pat Kramer, Vance Kramer was another highlight of the 1980s.
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    Mia Farrow, Charles Grodin, and Robert Evans in Rosemary's Baby (1968)

    In Rosemary's Baby (1968), he played the family doctor of the lead character Rosemary Woodhouse (played by Mia Farrow), Dr. Hill.
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    Charles Grodin in The Couch Trip (1988)

    It was a funny role, when he played George Maitlin beside Walther Matthau's character Donald Becker and Dan Aykroyd's character John W. Burns, Jr. in The Couch Trip (1988).
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    Charles Grodin in Heaven Can Wait (1978)

    He was Tony Abbott in Heaven Can Wait (1978), a movie including a major league of actors. In this movie he starred beside Warren Beatty, Julie Christie, James Mason and Jack Warden
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    Charles Grodin in Seems Like Old Times (1980)

    In Seems Like Old Times (1980) Grodin played Ira Parks, a district attorney. There he played with Goldie Hawn, Chevy Chase and Robert Guillaume
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    Charles Grodin in Dave (1993)

    He also joined a big honourable cast in Dave (1993), where he had the supporting role of Murray Blum. In this movie Kevin Kline and Sigourney Weaverwere the leads and Frank Langella was a strong antagonist. Some more colleagues: Sir Ben Kingsley (CBE), Ving Rhames and Kevin Dunn

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