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Poll: Actors' Sets of Best Picture Nominees

As of February 2018, only seven actors are credited in more than seven Best Picture nominees, in leading or supporting roles, including at least one Oscar nominated role.

Which of these actors' sets of Best Picture nominees is your favorite?

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BEST PICTURE WINNER * Oscar nomination for the actor Oscar win

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    Jack Nicholson

    10 (1970-2006): Five Easy Pieces* Chinatown* ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST Reds* TERMS OF ENDEARMENT Prizzi's Honor* Broadcast News A Few Good Men* As Good as It Gets THE DEPARTED
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    Robert De Niro

    9 (1974- 2012): THE GODFATHER PART II Taxi Driver* The Deer Hunter* Raging Bull The Mission Awakenings* Goodfellas Silver Linings Playbook* American Hustle
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    Tom Hanks

    9 (1994-2017): FORREST GUMP Apollo 13 Saving Private Ryan* The Green Mile Toy Story 3 Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close Captain Phillips Bridge of Spies The Post
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    Gregory Peck

    8 (1945-1963): Spellbound The Yearling* GENTLEMAN'S AGREEMENT* Twelve O'Clock High* Roman Holiday The Guns of Navarone To Kill a Mockingbird How the West Was Won
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    Leonardo DiCaprio

    8 (1997-2015): TITANIC Gangs of New York* The Aviator* THE DEPARTED Inception Django Unchained The Wolf of Wall Street* The Revenant
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    Robert Duvall

    8 (1962-1983): To Kill a Mockingbird MASH THE GODFATHER* THE GODFATHER PART II The Conversation Network Apocalypse Now* Tender Mercies
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    Harrison Ford

    8 (1973-1993): American Graffiti The Conversation Star Wars Apocalypse Now Raiders of the Lost Ark Witness* Working Girl The Fugitive

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