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Poll: Which actor gives the best advice?

Jack Nicholson once said, "I hate giving advice, because people won't take it." I find that so true. But, it makes me ask: Which actor gives the best advice?

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(Source: Quotes all come from the actor's bio pages here at IMDb.)

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    Al Pacino

    I asked God for a bike, but I know God doesn't work that way. So I stole a bike and asked for forgiveness.
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    Arnold Schwarzenegger

    Money doesn't make you happy. I now have $50 million but I was just as happy when I had $48 million.
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    Benedict Cumberbatch

    People forget about books. They're always just turning on the television, but reading a good book is the most nourishing thing you can do.
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    Bruce Dern

    You know what the greatest remedy on earth is today? It's not a pill. It's not a shot. It's a hug.
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    Bruce Lee

    A goal is not always meant to be reached; it often serves simply as something to aim at.
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    Charlton Heston

    The Internet is for lonely people. People should live.
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    Chuck Norris

    It's the bullies who are afraid, are the ones that do all the fighting. It's not the secure kids that get out there and fight. It's the insecure kids. And when you develop that security in these youngsters and all of a sudden they have no reason to fight.
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    Denzel Washington

    Acting is just a way of making a living, the family is life.
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    Don Cheadle

    I also believe that you are what you have to defend, and if you're a black man that's always going to be the bar against which you are judged, whether you want to align yourself with those themes or not. You can think of yourself as a colourless person, but nobody else is gonna.
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    Harrison Ford

    (asked if he believes in "The Force") I think The Force is in you. Force yourself.
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    Ian McKellen

    I've had enough of being a gay icon! I've had enough of all this hard work, because, since I came out, I keep getting all these parts, and my career's taken off. I want a quiet life. I'm going back into the closet.
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    Jet Li

    We are a global family. The religion is different, the languages are different but we are human beings and we need to help each other.
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    Jim Carrey

    So many of us chose our path out of fear disguised as practicality. My father could have been a great comedian, but he didn't believe that was possible for him. So, he made a conservative choice and instead he got a job as an accountant. When I was 12 years old, he was let go from that safe job. Our family had to do whatever we could to survive. I learned many great lessons from my father, not the least of which is that you can fail at what you don't want, so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love.
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    John Wayne

    When you come slam bang up against trouble, it never looks half as bad if you face up to it.
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    Johnny Depp

    If you love two people at the same time, choose the second. Because if you really loved the first one, you wouldn't have fallen for the second.
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    Leslie Nielsen

    When people are laughing, they don't beat up on you. You're secure and safe. It's when they stop laughing that it's dangerous.
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    Mel Gibson

    Nobody is without sin. You have to try to make amends if you can. You have to shut up and move on and not whine about it. And you have to deal with it like a man. You've just got to accept your own culpability.
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    Morgan Freeman

    Stop talking about it. I'm going to stop calling you a white man. And I'm going to ask you to stop calling me a black man. (When asked how to get rid of racism in an interview with Mike Wallace on 60 Minutes.)
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    Robert De Niro

    The hardest thing about being famous is that people are always nice to you. You're in a conversation and everybody's agreeing with what you're saying -- even if you say something totally crazy. You need people who can tell you what you don't want to hear.
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    Robert Downey Jr.

    I have a sense of destiny that you are led to the things you are supposed to do.
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    Samuel L. Jackson

    I am as passionate about golf as I am about acting. I very seldom get angry at golf. The year I started golf I had a caddie and one day I did get angry with myself and threw a club. My caddie told me, 'You're not good enough to get mad'. I have never thrown a club since. I enjoy my golf, it does not matter whether I play great or badly. I let it go.
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    Sylvester Stallone

    I'd rather do something I love badly than to feel bad about not doing something I love.
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    Tom Cruise

    The important thing with a child is that you love them, you protect them and you help them to grow and find out who they are. And as a parent, it's my responsibility to help them to become independent and get all the knowledge and a broad view of the world and life.
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    Tom Hanks

    (on experimenting with drugs) Smoking pot just made me the stupidest human being in the world.
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    Will Smith

    If you're not willing to work hard, let someone else do it. I'd rather be with someone who does a horrible job, but gives 110% than with someone who does a good job and gives 60%.
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    Yul Brynner

    Now that I'm gone, I tell you: Don't smoke, whatever you do, just don't smoke. If I could take back that smoking, we wouldn't be talking about any cancer. I'm convinced of that.
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    Eddie Murphy

    The advice I would give to someone is to not take anyone's advice.

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