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    Chaos, This Is (2007)

    Egyptian movie deals with the issue of corruption in Egypt and the Egyptian police excesses, embodies all of this in the character of the police officer, "Hatem".
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    The Land (1969)

    A small peasant village's struggles against the careless inroads of the large local landowner, The Land shows why political oppression does not necessarily lead to a sense of solidarity among the disinherited.
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    Saladin (1963)

    In a short campaign against odds, Jerusalem is taken and almost the entire Middle East is in Muslim hands. Crusade is called again in Europe, and the combined forces of the French king, German emperor, and English king form the 3rd Crusade, under the leadership of Richard the Lionheart of England. Although Acre is taken by the Crusaders, Saladin succeeds in preventing the recapture of Jerusalem, and in the end negotiations between himself and Richard (who Saladin admires as the only honorable leader) leave the Holy Land in Moslem hands.
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    Dark Waters (1956)

    After three years of absence, back (Recep) after a long travel trip spent on the back of one of the ships in an effort to save money in order to complete his marriage b (benign), who lives with his mother in a shack built on the sea, but with the passage of days legged in the heart of (Recep) feelings of jealousy when he doubted the existence of a relationship between the pool (benign), and between (Mamdouh) son of the owner of the shipping company, which coincided with the existence of many problems between the owner of the company and its employees.
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    The Blazing Sun (1954)

    A rich landlord floods and destroys a village on purpose to prevent the people living there from making a profit off their crops. What he doesn't know is that his own daughter is in love with Ahmed, a young man from the village.
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    The Emigrant (1994)

    The biblical tale of Joseph is told from an Egyptian perspective in this interesting character study. In this film, Joseph is called Ram. Ram, tired of his family's backward superstitious life, and tired of being picked on by his brothers, wants to go to Egypt to study agriculture. His brothers travel with him across Sinai, but then suddenly sell him to Ozir, an Egyptian who works for a Theban military leader, Amihar. Amihar is impressed by Ram's drive and personal charm and so grants Ram some desolate land outside the capital. Ram soon finds himself a pawn in the political and sexual games between Amihar and his wife Simihit, a high priestess of the Cult of Amun.
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    An Egyptian Story (1982)

    In the middle of his own heart surgery, an Egyptian filmmaker remembers his life. In fact, his old self, as a child, is accused of attempted murder of his new self. Through the metaphoric trial, we are drawn into his life in relation to the Egyptian revolution, his constant need for success and the effect the American Dream has on him.
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    Son of the Nile (1951)

    A young man from outskirt rebels against his life and abandons his woman to go to Cairo.
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    Destiny (1997)

    The story is set in the 12th century in Arab-ruled Spanish province Andalusia, where famed philosopher Averroes is appointed grand judge by the caliph and his liberal court judgments are not liked by everyone. The caliph's political rivals, centered around the leader of a fanatical Islamic sect, force the caliph to send Averroes into exile, but his ideas keep on living thanks to his students.
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    Alexandria: Again and Forever (1989)

    During a hunger strike by the Egyptian film industry, Yehia, a famous Egyptian director, finds himself obsessed with Amir, the leading man in one of his movies, and Nadia, a woman he desires to work with.
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    Alexandria... Why? (1979)

    "Yahia", a young man living in the cosmopolitan Alexandria during World War II. Between his dreams, which up to Hollywood, and constraints of his life in the middle class, trying to be a new Hamlet with his uprising dreams wondering where all new meaning to life amid the horrors of war and life pain.
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    Return of the Prodigal Son (1978)

    Freed after spending 12 years in jail, a man's homecoming turns into a dark affair as his disillusion clashes with his family expectations
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    Al-asfour (1972)

    Set shortly before and during the Six-Day War in June of 1967, The Sparrow follows a young police officer stationed in a small village in Upper Egypt whose inhabitants suffer from the harassment of a corrupt businessman.
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    Jamila, the Algerian (1958)

    Egyptian historical film about one of the most important figures in the history of Algeria, Djamila Bouhired. This film is regarded as not only highlighting the story of an important female revolutionary but also showing the struggle of the Algerian people against the French occupation.
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    Cairo Station (1958)

    A newspaper salesman at the train station in Cairo develops an unhealthy obsession with a woman who sells refreshments.
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    Alexandria... New York (2004)

    Yehia, an Egyptian director from Alexandria goes to New York where he is reunited with Ginger, a woman he dated forty years ago.
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    One Day, the Nile (1972)

    About the friendship of the Soviet people and Arabs working to build the gigantic Aswan Dam.
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    Al-ikhtiyar (1971)

    Mysterious murder occurs in Cairo, the body was founded two months later. In the Pocket a picture of the victim "Mahmoud". The victim is a twin brother to the Highly famous writer "Sayed" whom he didn't get along with. The Police investigations came to the fact that twins are alive. Then whom body was that?. That's the Question of the revealing story to answer.
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    Bein edeik (1960)

    Amal faces a difficult situation when her uncle demands that she get married.
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    Hubb lel-abad (1959)

    Amal is married to a criminal, upon his return from jail, her lover Ashraf kills him unintentionally. Ashraf asks his brother Mahmoud for help. An innocent man may get executed so Amal has to choose between her love and her conscience.
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    Farewell to Your Love (1956)

    Egyptian musical similar in plot to the US-British Hasty Heart: Five soldiers in a convalescent hospital are asked to befriend a nasty and misanthropic fellow patient who has little time left.
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    Devil of the Sahara (1954)

    In a tribal society, governor Zaid decides to raise taxes on the people, and sends his men to kidnap women, and with time his strength increase, up to the tribe of Bani Mazen, he kills a young man from the tribe at the hands of his men, prompting a friend to take revenge on the tyrant, Essam hides his face, and riding his horse, and hunt those man, Essam was able to save the pretty girl Dalal after being kidnapped by the men of the tyrant. The girl fell in love with him, and try to reveal him, the tyrant brought him to his castle and discovered his secret in the palace, but Essam escape from the palace, and gathered an army of knights to attack the castle, the army was able to win the fight, Essam took the governance and married Dalal.
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    Father Amine (1950)

    The soul of the father, Amine, comes back after death to see how his family is doing.

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