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Poll: David Lynch's Muse

After 26 years, Twin Peaks (2017) returns on May 21st on Showtime. Over the course of his career, the show's creator David Lynch has collaborated with several people on multiple occasions. Which of these individuals is your favorite frequent David Lynch collaborator?

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    Alicia Witt

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    Laura Harring

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    Sherilyn Fenn

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    David Patrick Kelly

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    Isabella Rossellini

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    Justin Theroux

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    Dean Stockwell

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    Robert Forster

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    Brad Dourif

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    Diane Ladd

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    Crispin Glover

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    Jürgen Prochnow

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    Balthazar Getty

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    Frank Collison

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    Angelo Badalamenti

    I prefer his collaborations with composer Angelo Badalamenti and musician Julee Cruise or other crew members, such as cinematographer Peter Deming, editor Mary Sweeney, production/costume designer Patricia Norris and casting director Johanna Ray.

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