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Poll: Girl With Cutest Dimple

Which girl has the cutest dimple?

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    Miranda Kerr

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    Anne Hathaway at an event for Les Misérables (2012)

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    Rachel McAdams at an event for Passion (2012)

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    Cheryl at an event for What to Expect When You're Expecting (2012)

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    Cameron Diaz at an event for Total Request Live (1998)

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    Audrey Tautou at an event for Dirty Pretty Things (2002)

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    Jennifer Love Hewitt

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    Rooney Mara

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    Jennifer Aniston

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    Kirsten Dunst

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    Jennifer Garner at an event for Catch and Release (2006)

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    Tina Fey at an event for Admission (2013)

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    Julia Roberts

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    Ariana Grande

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    Ashley Greene

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    Sophia Bush

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    Leighton Meester at an event for That's My Boy (2012)

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    Ashley Benson

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    Eliza Dushku

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    Carey Mulligan

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    Hilary Duff at an event for Monte Walsh (2003)

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    Nicky Rothschild

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