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Poll: Hollywood New Wave Actors

The New American wave began in the late 60's/early 70's, in which a number of talented young filmmakers seized power and used it to make the kind of films they wanted to make. With them came a group of solid acting talent which rank with the very best. Which of these actors often associated with the "New Hollywood" do you believe stands head and shoulders above the rest?

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    Al Pacino

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    Woody Allen

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    Danny DeVito

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    Robert De Niro

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    Jack Nicholson

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    Warren Beatty

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    Peter Boyle

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    Jeff Bridges

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    James Caan

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    Bruce Dern

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    Richard Dreyfuss

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    Robert Duvall

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    Clint Eastwood

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    Gene Hackman

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    Dustin Hoffman

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    Dennis Hopper

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    Harvey Keitel

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    Robert Redford

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    Christopher Reeve

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    Christopher Walken

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    Burt Reynolds

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    Gene Wilder

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    John Travolta

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    Sylvester Stallone

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    Martin Sheen

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    Roy Scheider

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