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Poll: They've Never Even Been Nominated!

It's hard enough to win an Oscar of the acting variety, but it becomes that much more elusive when you aren't even nominated to begin with! These actors have shown us their versatile talents on the big screen and we have certainly taken notice - The Academy, however, hasn't...for some reason.

So which of these talented actors, that have never even been nominated for an Oscar, do you think has been unjustly overlooked by The Academy?

After voting, you may complain about the Academy here.

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    Jeff Daniels

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    Marilyn Monroe

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    John Goodman

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    Scarlett Johansson

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    Jim Carrey

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    Mia Farrow

  7. Vote!

    Steve Buscemi

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    Bruce Willis

  9. Vote!

    Li Gong

  10. Vote!

    Guy Pearce

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    Martin Sheen

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    Raul Julia

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    Christopher Lee

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    Donald Sutherland

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    Alan Rickman

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    Ewan McGregor

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    Isabella Rossellini

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    Jamie Lee Curtis

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    Danny Glover

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    Meg Ryan

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    David Oyelowo

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    John Cusack

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    Anthony Mackie

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    James McAvoy

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    Sam Rockwell

    UPDATE: Was nominated and subsequently received the Oscar for his role in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (2017).
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    Robin Wright

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    Oscar Isaac

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    Jeff Goldblum

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    Colin Farrell

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    Kurt Russell

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    Ray Liotta

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    Joseph Cotten

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    Edward G. Robinson

  34. Vote!

    Alfred Molina

    Added 10/03/2016
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    Mads Mikkelsen

    Added 10/03/2016

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