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Poll: What Kind of Fear Is Your Favorite Horror?

There are many kinds of horrors to fear at the movies. Unholy, kinky, gory - What's your sweetest horror-obsession?

What kind of fear at the movies is your favourite?

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Thanks to Jessica, dgranger, B_sides_B, Peter, Pencho, NDbportmanfan for some suggestions.

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    Paranormal Activity (2007)

    The fear of unknown powers
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    The Rite (2011)

    The fear of demons or hellish creatures
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    Insidious (2010)

    The fear of a hidden sinister realm
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    Annabelle (2014)

    The fear of creepy dolls/puppets
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    Falling Down (1993)

    The fear of getting killed by a hobo with a shotgun / nazi / robber / streetpunk /etc.
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    Scream (1996)

    The fear to be randomly chosen by an evil psychopath, not knowing how his evil game turns out.
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    Dawn of the Dead (1978)

    The fear of a Zombie-Apocalypse.
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    Buried (2010)

    The fear of being buried / trapped
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    The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974)

    The fear of cannibals.
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    The Hitcher (2007)

    The fear of the stranger, who seems to be nice at the beginning, but later reveals to be a real hateable sc**bag. (Stranger or strangers)
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    The Witch (2015)

    The fear of spending time in nature near to a wicked witch / being endangered by a wicked witch.
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    Outbreak (1995)

    The fear of diseases and/or being erased by dumb and/or unlawful decisions.
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    Cube (1997)

    The fear to make a wrong decision.
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    Apocalypse Now (1979)

    The fears of war.
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    Alien (1979)

    The fear of extinction by some interstellar predators / xenomorphs.
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    The Terminator (1984)

    The fear of extinction by artificial intelligence.
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    The Shining (1980)

    The fear of telepathic occurrences.
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    It (2017)

    The fear of clowns or mimes.
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    Piranha 3D (2010)

    The fear of animals
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    Final Destination (2000)

    The fear of your death coming soon.
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    The Visit (2015)

    The fear of old or deranged people.
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    Dead Alive (1992)

    The fear of getting into irritating troubles no one would know about. ... and the consequences! ;)))
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    The Purge (2013)

    The fear of being hunted.
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    Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1931)

    fear of monsters created by atomic radiation or a mad scientist's experiments.
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    Open Water 2: Adrift (2006)

    The fear of open water or wide areas.

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