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Poll: Jewish Humor Icons

Wit, profundity, psychology, black humor, tales about arguing Rabbis, overbearing mothers and existential dilemmas, not to mention hilarious self-deprecating comments working as the best defense against Anti-Semitism... humor has been an endearing tradition of Jewish culture that expressed itself wonderfully through the legacy of many Jewish entertainers over the course of Hollywood history.

Which of these notable ambassadors of Jewish humor do you think is the funniest?

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Note from the author: just because the comedian is Jewish doesn't make all his jokes Jewish of course... except if they're funny, witty and quite thought-provoking.

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    Groucho Marx

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    Woody Allen

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    Mel Brooks

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    Sacha Baron Cohen

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    Sarah Silverman

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    Adam Sandler

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    Moe Howard

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    Jerry Seinfeld

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    Billy Crystal

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    Lenny Bruce

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    Rodney Dangerfield

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    Don Rickles

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    Milton Berle

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    Jerry Lewis

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    Seth Rogen

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    Fran Drescher

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    Roseanne Barr

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    Joan Rivers

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    George Burns

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    Jon Stewart

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    Albert Brooks

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    Gene Wilder

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    Henry Winkler

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    Brad Garrett

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    Bill Dana

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