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Poll: Whose performance most embodied JFK?

With the upcoming anniversary of Kennedy's assassination, who do you think most embodied him in his performance?

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    Stephen Collins

    in A Woman Named Jackie
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    Patrick Dempsey

    in JFK: Reckless Youth
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    William Devane

    in The Missles of October
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    James Franciscus

    in Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy
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    Bruce Greenwood

    in Thirteen Days
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    Greg Kinnear

    in The Kennedys
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    Rob Lowe

    in Killing Kennedy
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    James Marsden

    in The Butler
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    Tim Matheson

    in Jackie Bouvier Kennedy Onassis
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    William Petersen

    in The Rat Pack
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    Cliff Robertson

    in PT 109
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    Martin Sheen

    in Kennedy

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