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Poll: The Most Wonderful Hollywood Actress Aged 55+

Growing old is a pain for many people; some even say the main part of life is over at 60. But some people don't count on their age; they don't despair and enjoy their life better than before. When you look at such people as Sir Sean Connery or Sean Bean, you might realize that growing old can be nice when you have a rich and lovely personality. This also counts for many actresses. Now look at these actresses 55+ of age. Which of them is your favorite? Tell me about her.

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    Julianne Moore

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    Sharon Stone

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    Susan Sarandon

  4. Vote!

    Michelle Pfeiffer

  5. Vote!

    Kathy Bates

  6. Vote!

    Cicely Tyson

  7. Vote!

    Sissy Spacek

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    Whoopi Goldberg

  9. Vote!

    Helen Mirren

  10. Vote!

    Annette Bening

  11. Vote!

    Michelle Yeoh

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    Rene Russo

  13. Vote!

    Angela Bassett

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    Jeanne Tripplehorn

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    Helen Hunt

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    Mary Steenburgen

  17. Vote!

    Khandi Alexander

  18. Vote!

    Jodie Foster

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    Sandra Bullock

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    Alfre Woodard

  21. Vote!

    Allison Janney

  22. Vote!

    Barbara Hershey

  23. Vote!

    Diahann Carroll

    Suggested by Ed Jones (XLIX)
  24. Vote!

    Linda Hamilton

    Suggested by DIGGER, seconded by nikolayyeriomin
  25. Vote!

    Penelope Ann Miller

  26. Vote!

    Pam Grier

    Suggested by Ed Jones (XLIX)
  27. Vote!

    Cassandra Peterson

    Suggested by Ed Jones (XLIX)
  28. Vote!

    Meryl Streep

    Suggested by blackbolt-3
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    Sally Field

  30. Vote!

    Andie MacDowell

    Suggested by Ed Jones (XLIX)
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    Demi Moore

    Suggested by Ed Jones (XLIX)
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    Tina Louise

    Suggested by Ed Jones (XLIX)
  33. Vote!

    Jamie Lee Curtis

    Suggested by NarniaIsAwesome
  34. Vote!

    Oprah Winfrey

    Suggested by NarniaIsAwesome
  35. Vote!

    Jennifer Beals

    Suggested by Ed Jones (XLIX)

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