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Poll: King of Cameos

A cameo role is a brief appearance of a known person in a work of the performing arts, typically unnamed or appearing as themselves because of some special significance. Who has made the best cameos in their career?

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    Bob Barker

    The famous game show host made his most memorable cameo in Happy Gilmore by beating the crap out of his golfing partner played by Adam Sandler. He also voiced himself in a few episodes of Family Guy.
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    Stephen Hawking

    This famous theoretical physicist has made cameo appearances in multiple T.V. shows like The Big Bang Theory, The Simpsons, Futurama, and Star Trek: The Next Generation.
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    Alfred Hitchcock

    This director made 39 sneaky cameo appearances in the 50+ films that he directed. He also made an appearance in Richard Franklin's Psycho II and once in his own T.V. series Alfred Hitchcock Presents.
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    Peter Jackson

    Peter Jackson has made almost missable appearances in many of his own films like The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, and another in Hot Fuzz as a violent criminal dressed as Father Christmas.
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    Stephen King

    Has made multiple appearances in films and T.V. series based on his works. Some include Creepshow, Creepshow 2, The Stand, Pet Cemetary, Under the Dome and Sons of Anarchy.
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    Stan Lee

    This legendary comic book writer has made small appearances in almost every Marvel movie to date even though he is into his 90's.
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    Bill Murray

    Bill Murray has made multiple cameos in movies throughout his career with the most popular being the fake zombie in Zombieland as proved in this poll.
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    Roman Polanski

    This director plays a switchblade wielding criminal who slashes Jack Nicholson's nose in his film Chinatown.
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    Martin Scorsese

    Scorsese appears in a number of his own films with the most memorable probably being a passenger speaking of killing his unfaithful wife in Taxi Driver.
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    Quentin Tarantino

    Tarantino has acted in small roles in nearly all the films that he himself has directed including another in Planet Terror which was part of his collaboration Grindhouse.
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    Christopher Walken

    Walken makes a few strange appearances like a man who fantasizes about car crashes in Annie Hall and Captain Koons explaining the story of his watch in Pulp Fiction.

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