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Poll: Out and Proud

Visibility and representation are important ways in which stereotypes are dispelled and discrimination is eliminated. In that way, LGBTQ celebrities help to fight bigotry and empower others. To celebrate Pride Month, which is held in June every year, listed below are just some of the actors who are "out and proud." Who is your favorite?

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(Except for the first five, everyone is listed in alphabetical order by last name.)

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    Neil Patrick Harris

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    Kristen Stewart

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    Tessa Thompson

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    Jim Parsons

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    Laverne Cox

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    Meredith Baxter

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    Maria Bello

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    Matt Bomer

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    Kiersey Clemons

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    Wilson Cruz

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    Ellen DeGeneres

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    Portia de Rossi

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    Victor Garber

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    Sean Hayes

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    Amber Heard

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    Cheyenne Jackson

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    Jane Lynch

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    Kate McKinnon

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    Ezra Miller

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    Cynthia Nixon

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    Anna Paquin

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    Sarah Paulson

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    Aubrey Plaza

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    Zoe Saldana

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    Taylor Schilling

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    Alia Shawkat

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    Amandla Stenberg

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    Wanda Sykes

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    Lily Tomlin

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    Daniela Vega

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    Ben Whishaw

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    BD Wong

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