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Poll: Which is your favorite Wild Tale?

Wild Tales (2014) is the most successful film in the history of Argentinian cinema. Acclaimed by both critics and public, it was in contention for both the Palme d'Or and the Foreign Language Film Oscar. It's only the second film from Argentina to enter the IMDb Top 250 after The Secret in their Eyes.

The film is an anthology made up of six black comedy standalone shorts united by the theme of violence and vengeance.

Which of them is your favorite?

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    Darío Grandinetti and María Marull in Wild Tales (2014)

    Pasternak Where all the passengers on a plane discover they have a relationship with a man called Pasternak, who wants revenge on them all.
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    Rita Cortese and Julieta Zylberberg in Wild Tales (2014)

    The Rats (Las ratas) Where a waitress in a small highway restaurant recognizes a client as the man who ruined her family.
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    Walter Donado in Wild Tales (2014)

    The strongest (El más fuerte) Where two men driving cars in a lone highway star a rivalry between them that goes far beyond what they would have expected.
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    Ricardo Darín in Wild Tales (2014)

    Little Bomb (Bombita) Where a demolitions expert faces bureucracy after his car is towed away for parking at a forbidden place.
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    Germán de Silva in Wild Tales (2014)

    The Proposal (La propuesta) Where the family and lawyer of a rich kid tries to save him from prison and public rage after he accidentally killed a pregnant woman with his car.
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    Diego Gentile and Erica Rivas in Wild Tales (2014)

    Until Death Do Us Part (Hasta que la muerte nos separe) Where, during her wedding celebration, the wife discovers her husband cheated on her with a woman present at the party and both start a series of revenges that turn the festivities in something unexpected.

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