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Poll: African American Actors' Voices of Authority

What actor has the best "Pipes" or authoritative voice?

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    Ving Rhames

    Various Roles
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    Giancarlo Esposito

    "Breaking Bad" "Better Call Saul"
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    Brock Peters

    Various Roles
  4. Vote!

    Dennis Haysbert

    "Are you in Good Hands?"
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    Kevin Grevioux

    Various Roles
  6. Vote!

    Tony Todd

    Many Star Trek roles as a Klingon.
  7. Vote!

    Michael Dorn

    "Worf" of "Star Trek"
  8. Vote!

    Michael Clarke Duncan

    'The Green Mile'
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    Rick Worthy

    Numerous roles
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    Thom Barry

    'Fast and Furious' "plays a lot of Cop roles"
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    James Earl Jones

    "Darth Vader" Etc.
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    Tom Lister Jr.

    Various Roles
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    Sidney Poitier

    'In the Heat of the Night'
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    Keith David

    Various roles
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    Laurence Fishburne

  16. Vote!

    Morgan Freeman

    'White House Down'
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    Kevin Michael Richardson

    Various Roles
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    Delroy Lindo

    Various Roles
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    William Marshall

    "Star Trek" as Dr Daystrom. Episode: "The Ultimate Computer"
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    Danny Glover

    'Lethal Weapon'
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    Carl Weathers

    Various Roles
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    Ossie Davis

    'Do the Right Thing'
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    Omar Epps

    Various Roles
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    Michael Beach

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    Louis Gossett Jr.

    'An Officer and a Gentleman'
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    Billy Dee Williams

    'Star Wars'
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    'Cool Runnings'
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    Ernie Hudson

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    Jim Brown

    Pro Football Player turned Actor
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    Isaac Hayes

    'Escape from New York'
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    Joe Morton

    "Scandal" "Eureka"
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    James Pickens Jr.

    "Grey's Anatomy" "The X Files"
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    Clarence Williams III

    "The Mod Squad"(1968) 'The Matrix Reloaded'
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    Lance Reddick

  35. Vote!

    Joe Seneca

    'The Verdict'

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