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Poll: 1955's Top 35

What a year. So many great actors from all over the globe. So many, that it was hard to choose who to leave out to meet the 35 choice limit! This list is by Star Meter rankings starting at #1 and descending. All but 3 are still with us today. Who is your favorite actor or actress? After voting, please discuss here.

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    Bruce Willis

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    Rowan Atkinson

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    Jane Kaczmarek

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    Kevin Costner

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    William Forsythe

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    Tanya Roberts

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    Bill Paxton

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    Willem Dafoe

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    J.K. Simmons

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    Brendan Gleeson

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    Xander Berkeley

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    Billy Bob Thornton

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    Whoopi Goldberg

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    Laurie Metcalf

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    Michael Rooker

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    Judy Davis

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    Marina Sirtis

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    Debra Winger

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    Kelsey Grammer

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    Jeff Daniels

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    Glenne Headly

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    Christopher McDonald

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    Raoul Max Trujillo

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    Miguel Ferrer

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    Kate Mulgrew

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    Jimmy Smits

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    Richard Schiff

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    Peter Gallagher

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    Lena Olin

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    Gary Sinise

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    Linda Purl

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    Gilbert Gottfried

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    Wayne Knight

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    Chow Yun-Fat

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    Mira Furlan

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