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Poll: Oscars Face-Off: Athletic Oscar-Winning Filmmakers

Athletes have a long track record of translating their talents and popularity into successful TV hosting or film acting careers. Now, television and film production seems to be an emerging trend as a post-sports career option.

NBA forward LeBron James' SpringHill Entertainment is one example. Until recently, LeBron has focused on producing television series and award-winning documentaries. Film productions, such as Space Jam: A New Legacy (2021) and Hustle (2022), as well as, a House Party (2022) and a Friday the 13th (????) remake send a clear message that LeBron plans to up his game.

So far, only two former athletes have reached the pinnacle of the entertainment industry by winning Oscar gold. Former NBA shooting guard Kobe Bryant won the Best Animated Short Film Oscar for his film, Dear Basketball (2017) in 2018. While, former NFL receiver Matthew A. Cherry won the Best Animated Short Film for his film, Hair Love (2019) in 2020.

Which of these former professional athletes transition into filmmaking and a resulting Oscar win do you find to be the more impressive transformation?

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    Kobe Bryant at an event for The Oscars (2018)

    Filmmaking Awards & Filmmaking Resume

    Kobe Bryant's Oscar-Winning Animated Short Film: 'Dear Basketball' Streaming Link

    Affiliated Production Companies: Granity Studios and Believe Entertainment Group

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    Matthew A. Cherry in Hair Love (2019)

    Filmmaking Awards & Filmmaking Resume

    Matthew A. Cherry's Oscar-Winning Animated Short Film: 'Hair Love' Streaming Link

    Affiliated Production Companies: Matthew A. Cherry Entertainment and Monkeypaw Productions

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