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Poll: Greatest biopics about a controversial person

We have met many controversial people thanks to Hollywood in great biopics

Which is the one is your favorite?

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    Kinsey (2004)

    About Alfred Kinsey

    Controversial for his research on Sex

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    Downfall (2004)

    About Hitler One of the most evil real life Villains portrayed on the big screen
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    Quills (2000)

    About the Marquis De Sade

    Controversial for his scandalous and explicit novels

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    The Last King of Scotland (2006)

    About Idi Amin

    One of the most evil goberners of his times

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    Catch Me If You Can (2002)

    About Frank Abagnale JR

    Controversial for being one of the best at cheating in Almost everything and being a master of creating fake checks.

    Made people think he was a doctor, lawyer a pilot and everything you can imagine

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    The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

    About Jordan Bellfort

    Controversial for his dirty moves on WallStreet

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    Caligula (1979)

    About Calicula
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    Patton (1970)

    About George S Patton
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    The Legend of Lizzie Borden (1975)

    About Lizzy Borden
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    Eva Peron: The True Story (1996)

    About Eva Duarte Peron

    Controversial because of how divisive she was some say she was a saint others said she was the devil

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    Hoffa (1992)

    About James R Jimmy Hoffa
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    The French Lieutenant's Woman (1981)

    About Frances Farmer
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    Sister Kenny (1946)

    About Elizabeth Kenny
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    Amelia (2009)

    About Amelia hearhart
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    Bugsy (1991)

    About Busy Sagal

    He created Las Vegas the way we know it or pretty similar to it but the biggest controversy around him is that he was murdered by one of his best friends

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    The Aviator (2004)

    About Howard Hughes

    Controversial for being a control freak, he didn't only have OCD with the cleaning thing he was pretty controlling towards his wife the actress Katherine Hepburn

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    Anne of the Thousand Days (1969)

    About Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn

    One of the most controversial couples of the British monarchy.

    Henry VIII changed the whole course of his country forever thanks to his romance and latter marriage to Anne Boleyn.

    Anne well she was the first woman who wasn't ok with just being the favorite mistress of the king she was very different from the woman of her times.

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    The Duchess (2008)

    About Georgiana Cavendish.

    Controversial for being loved by everyone except her husband

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    Carlos (2010)

    About Carlos the Jackal
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    Guyana Tragedy: The Story of Jim Jones (1980)

    About Jim Jones
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    Stalin (1992)

    About Stalin Controversial for being one of the most evil dictators in Russia
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    Eichmann (2007)

    About Adolfo Eichman
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    Anastasia (1956)

    About Anastasia
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    The Motorcycle Diaries (2004)

    About Che Guevara
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    Rasputin and the Empress (1932)

    About Rasputin
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    Nixon (1995)

    About Richard M Nixon
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    Lincoln (2012)

    About Abraham Lincoln
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    Wilson (1944)

    About Woodrow Wilson
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    W. (2008)

    About George W Bush
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    The Iron Lady (2011)

    About Margaret Thatcher
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    The People vs. Larry Flynt (1996)

    About Larry flint

    Controversial for the content of his Magazine

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    Beau James (1957)

    About James J. walker

    controversial for being a flamboyant and somewhat corrupt Mayor of New York City from 1926-1932.

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    The Joker Is Wild (1957)

    About Joe E Lewis

    A famous comedian of the 1930s-50s...with an alcohol problem

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    Kingfish: A Story of Huey P. Long (1995)

    About Huey P long

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