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Poll: The Ending of Lost

For the upcoming Lost 10-Year Reunion it's a good time to go back to the final episode of Lost. As a viewer of the show, how you feel about the final episode of Lost?


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    Matthew Fox, Josh Holloway, and Evangeline Lilly in Lost (2004)

    I've never seen the series or its last episode.
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    Matthew Fox in Lost (2004)

    I'm very disappointed, it was spitting in the face of the Lost fans.
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    Evangeline Lilly in Lost (2004)

    I'm a little disappointed, I expected a better end to the show.
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    Josh Holloway in Lost (2004)

    I am pleased, not perfect final chapter, but meet most of my expectations.
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    Emilie de Ravin in Lost (2004)

    I'm very happy, this is exactly what I expected from the end of Lost.

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