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Poll: Best Dressed Hall of Fame Actors

The International Best Dressed List was founded by fashionista Eleanor Lambert in 1940 as an attempt to boost the reputation of American fashion at the time. Names have been added to it ever since. The International Best-Dressed List Hall of Fame (as of August 2014) includes royalty and aristocracy, billionaires and socialites, fashion designers and politicians from all over the world. It also includes a few actors: the ones listed below.

Which of them do you think is/was the sharpest dresser?

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    George Clooney

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    Cary Grant

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    Fred Astaire

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    John Gielgud

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    Douglas Fairbanks Jr.

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    George Hamilton

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    Gregory Hines

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    Paul Newman

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    David Niven

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    Gregory Peck

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    Sidney Poitier

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    Ronald Reagan

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    Denzel Washington

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    Michael York

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    Harry Belafonte

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    David Bowie

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