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Poll: Which director for a Mass Effect movie ?

Mass Effect is a series of science fiction action role-playing third person shooter video games that largely revolves around a soldier by the name of Commander Shepard and his battle to save the Galaxy.

Which of the following directors would you like to see direct a Mass Effect movie?

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    Zack Snyder

    Visualy striking, dreamlike and harrowing.

    reference movies: Sucker Punch, Man of Steel

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    Christopher Nolan

    Detailed settings. Smart, dark and gripping narrative.

    reference movies: The Dark Knight trilogy, Interstellar.

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    Ridley Scott

    Unifying style and substance around an poignant and existential plot.

    reference movies: Alien, Blade Runner, Prometheus.

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    J.J. Abrams

    Raw cinematography with a plot emphasizing mystery.

    reference movies: Star Trek, Star Trek into Darkness

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    Steven Spielberg

    Compelling elaborated narrative.

    reference movies: Minority Report, A.I.

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    Bryan Singer

    Fast paced and action packed.

    reference movies: X-Men saga

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    Lilly Wachowski

    Using cutting edge CGI and multiple relevant references like Lovecraftian horror and cosmism.

    reference movies: The Matrix, Jupiter Ascending.

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    Guillermo del Toro

    Fresh and entertaining, fully embracing the sci-fi fantasy style.

    reference movie: Hellboy I and II, Pacific Rim

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    James Cameron

    Extensive use of CGI to depict a coherent universe.

    reference movies: Aliens, the Abyss, Avatar.

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    Neill Blomkamp

    Exploring in socio-political issues in depth.

    reference movies: District 9, Elysium.

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