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Poll: Favorite 'Mr. Bean' Episode

Rowan Atkinson has announced that his beloved character Mr. Bean is ready to retire.

Influenced by Monsieur Hulot, Atkinson originally developed the character in the 80s and after several tests the world knew him in a sitcom that aired between 1990 and 1995, and that has a place in the IMDb TV Top 250.

That series gave him fame worldwide and he became one of the most popular characters from British Comedy.

Since the end of the original tv Series, Mr. Bean starred in two movies in 1997 and 2007, he had his own animated series and appeared on new sketches including an appearance in the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony: Isles of Wonder (2012).

Finally, in 2018 he returned for a webseries of comical educational videos in Handy Bean (2018).

As a farewell to Mr. Bean, we go back to his original and beloved TV series.

Which episode do you find the funniest of them all?

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    Mr. Bean (1990)

    1.- Copying in an exam 2.- Changing to swimming trunks in the beach 3.- Sneezing in the church.
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    The Return of Mr. Bean (1990)

    1.- Shopping in a department store 2.- Disgusting meal at fancy restaurant 3.- Royal reception.
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    The Curse of Mr. Bean (1990)

    1.- Panic in the diving board 2.- No money in the parking lot 3.- Making a sandwich in the park 4.- Horror movie with his girlfriend.
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    Mr. Bean Goes to Town (1991)

    1.- Reception problems with new television 2.- Stolen camera 3.- Magic act 4.- Dancing in a club.
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    The Trouble with Mr. Bean (1992)

    1.- Cleaning his teeth in the car 2.- Dentist appointment 3.- Fighting a mosquito in a picnic.
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    Mr. Bean Rides Again (1992)

    1.- Heart attack in a bus stop 2.- Posting a letter 3.- Packing a suitcase 4.- laughing passenger in train 5.- Sick boy at airplane.
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    Merry Christmas, Mr. Bean (1992)

    1.- Shopping for Christmas 2.- Christmas dinner.
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    Mr. Bean in Room 426 (1993)

    1.- Competing with hotel guest 2.- Locked out of his room.
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    Do-It-Yourself Mr. Bean (1994)

    1.- New Year Eve dinner 2.- Decorating his apartment with a firecracker.
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    Mind the Baby, Mr. Bean (1994)

    1.- Fun at a fair 2.- Lost baby.
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    Back to School Mr. Bean (1994)

    1.- Orientation day at school 2.- Painting lesson 3.- Car in military parade.
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    Tee Off, Mr. Bean (1995)

    1.- Visiting the laundromat 2.- Playing mini-golf.
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    Goodnight Mr. Bean (1995)

    1.- Visit to the hospital 2.- Picture with British guard 3.- Insomnia.
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    Hair by Mr. Bean of London (1995)

    1.- Replacing the hairdresser 2.- Dexterity games 3.- Getting in the train without paying.
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    The Best Bits of Mr. Bean (1995)

    Remembering his best sketches in the attic.

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