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Poll: Face-Off: Fonda vs. Fonda vs. Fonda vs. Fonda

Collectively, the four major film Fondas, from three generations of the family, have graced screens, both big and small, for the past eighty-two years, and have won four Oscars, eleven Golden Globes, as well as many other awards and nominations. As well as decades of acting credits, each also has credits in at least one of the following: directing, writing, producing, and soundtrack. Considering the vast body of work from this talented family, which Fonda are you most "Fond of?"

(Only those family members with major acting credits are included.)

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    Bridget Fonda

    Notable work includes 'Single White Female,' 'Jackie Brown,' 'The Godfather: Part III,' 'A Simple Plan,' 'It Could Happen to You,' 'Scandal,' and 'Singles.'
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    Henry Fonda

    Notable work includes 'Once Upon a Time in the West,' 'The Grapes of Wrath,' '12 Angry Men,' 'On Golden Pond,' 'The Ox-Bow Incident,' 'The Wrong Man,' 'Fail-Safe,' and 'The Lady Eve.'
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    Jane Fonda

    Notable work includes 'The China Syndrome,' '9 to 5,' 'Coming Home,' 'Klute,' 'On Golden Pond,' 'This is Where I Leave You,' 'They Shoot Horses, Don't They?,' 'Cat Ballou,' and the TV series, "The Newsroom."
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    Peter Fonda

    Notable work includes 'Easy Rider' (which he also co-wrote), '3:10 to Yuma,' 'Ulee's Gold,' 'Escape from L.A.,' 'The Limey,' and 'Ghost Rider.'
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    Troy Garity

    "I love the Fondas, but the future of the family isn't named Fonda: it's Jane's son, Troy Garity."

    Notable work includes 'Bandits,' 'Barbershop,' 'Soldier's Girl,' and the two TV series, "Ballers" and "Boss."

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