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Some of the fun of watching old shows is seeing actors who are now big stars or at least well-known in some of their first roles. For some reason Aaron Spelling's witchy soap opera Charmed (1998) seems to be extra-great at this. The clothes (often something crazy like a belly shirt and low-rise jeans so low you can see what kind of waxing the actress prefers, combined with a fur scarf or 6" stilettos), the magic, the drama, the romance - the show was all kinds of crazy in a pretty, pretty package.

Which of these actors' appearances on Charmed looks the craziest?

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    Amy Adams in Charmed (1998)

    Amy Adams as a future Whitelighter in trouble
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    David Anders in Charmed (1998)

    David Anders as the owner of a cursed nightclub that burned down in the 1890s
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    Justin Baldoni in Charmed (1998)

    Justin Baldoni as a demon in league with others against the sisters, whose specialty is vanquishing fairies and leprechauns
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    John Ross Bowie in Charmed (1998)

    John Ross Bowie as an inexperienced Whitelighter
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    Rose McGowan and Jordan Bridges in Charmed (1998)

    Jordan Bridges as Paige's boyfriend who is possessed by the source of all evil
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    Jake Busey in Charmed (1998)

    Jake Busey as a warlock
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    Charisma Carpenter in Charmed (1998)

    Charisma Carpenter as a seer
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    Holly Marie Combs and John Cho in Charmed (1998)

    John Cho as a ghost who falls for Piper
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    Misha Collins in Charmed (1998)

    Misha Collins as historian being hunted by warlocks
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    Kaley Cuoco in Charmed (1998)

    Kaley Cuoco as Billie, a young witch who becomes an ally of the Halliwells
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    Eric Dane in Charmed (1998)

    Eric Dane as Jason, Phoebe's boyfriend and the owner of her newspaper
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    Melissa George in Charmed (1998)

    Melissa George as a Valkyrie
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    Jon Hamm in Charmed (1998)

    Jon Hamm as a professor killed by demons
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    Daniel Dae Kim in Charmed (1998)

    Daniel Dae Kim as a magical, evil Zen practitioner
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    Rachelle Lefevre in Charmed (1998)

    Rachelle Lefevre as a witch killed in a feud between rival families
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    Alyssa Milano and Jason Lewis in Charmed (1998)

    Jason Lewis as a man who was briefly married to Phoebe, when the girls were living in other bodies
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    Alyssa Milano and Ken Marino in Charmed (1998)

    Ken Marino as a doomed boyfriend of Phoebe's
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    Jenny McCarthy in Charmed (1998)

    Jenny McCarthy as a low-level witch
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    Alyssa Milano, James Read, and Julian McMahon in Charmed (1998)

    Julian McMahon as Cole, Phoebe's half-demon husband
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    Christina Milian in Charmed (1998)

    Christina Milian as a kidnapped teen
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    Ivana Milicevic in Charmed (1998)

    Ivana Milicevic as a Valkyrie
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    Jodi Lyn O'Keefe in Charmed (1998)

    Jodi Lyn O'Keefe as a spider demon
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    Jaime Pressly in Charmed (1998)

    Jaime Pressly as a mermaid
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    Zachary Quinto in Charmed (1998)

    Zachary Quinto as a warlock
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    Sarah Rafferty in Charmed (1998)

    Sarah Rafferty as a nasty mom at Wyatt's pre-school
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    David Ramsey in Charmed (1998)

    David Ramsey as an Upper-Level demon fighting against the sisters
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    Norman Reedus in Charmed (1998)

    Norman Reedus as a boyfriend of Paige
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    Sebastian Roché in Charmed (1998)

    Sebastian Roché as demonic sorcerer who makes deals with humans and magical folk for their souls
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    Sherri Saum in Charmed (1998)

    Sherri Saum as a witch killed by her familiar (cat)
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    Mark Sheppard in Charmed (1998)

    Mark Sheppard as a low-level demon with the ability to sense great powers
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    Kerr Smith in Charmed (1998)

    Kerr Smith as a federal agent turned Whitelighter
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    Scout Taylor-Compton in Charmed (1998)

    Scout Taylor-Compton as a fairy
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    Ashley Tisdale in Charmed (1998)

    Ashley Tisdale as a runaway teen
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    Michael Weatherly in Charmed (1998)

    Michael Weatherly as a half-demon priest
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    Rainn Wilson in Charmed (1998)

    Rainn Wilson as an Alchemist with the ability to raise the dead

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