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Poll: The Problem with Michael Bay

Michael Bay is an American filmmaker known for his big-budget action films which are largely characterized by fast cutting, stylistic visuals and his extensive use of special effects, including frequent depictions of explosions. Despite his immense box office success, however, the lion's share of his work has not sat well with critics, with many criticizing the quality, or rather the lack thereof.

Which common criticism of Michael Bay's movies do you agree with the most?

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Results of 568 votes:

  1. 1.

    Peter Cullen and Frank Welker in Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014)

    Emphasizes action over story. Similar to the previous option, but his stories overly emphasize action to the point where we're not really sure what is going on, nor do we care; 1000 explosions doesn't…
  2. 2.

    Michael Bay and Megan Fox

    His terrible movies are box-office smashes. Fact 1: Michael Bay has never, ever lost money from a movie he directed. Fact 2: His films have grossed over US$5 billion worldwide, including Transformers:…
  3. 3.

    Ben Affleck in Pearl Harbor (2001)

    Too much patriotism. Known for their über-patriotism and an over reliance on patriotism as a theme, his movies flaunt it to the point where many are left thinking “Okay, we get it!” Almost all of his …

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