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Poll: Casting the Next Ghostbusters Actor

A new Ghostbusters movie in the original universe is in the works. Which comedic actor do you want to see play a Ghostbusters team member role the most?

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    Ryan Reynolds

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    Kevin Hart

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    Channing Tatum

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    Dwayne Johnson

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    Evan Peters

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    Peter Dinklage

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    Will Smith

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    Chris Pratt

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    Michael B. Jordan

  10. Vote!

    Tom Hardy

  11. Vote!

    Kumail Nanjiani

  12. Vote!

    Karan Soni

  13. Vote!

    Jay Pharoah

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    Rob Delaney

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    Lewis Tan

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    Jason Momoa

  17. Vote!

    James McAvoy

  18. Vote!

    Zachary Levi

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