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Poll: AFI Top 100 Directors

Which one of these directors who have multiple films in the AFI top 100 is your favorite? Discuss Here in the IMDb Community Forums

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    Steven Spielberg

    Schindler's List,ET,Jaws,Raiders of the Lost Ark,Saving Private Ryan
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    Alfred Hitchcock

    Vertigo,Psycho,North By Northwest,Rear Window
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    Stanley Kubrick

    2001 A Space Odyssey,Dr. Strangelove,A Clockwork Orange,Spartacus
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    Billy Wilder

    Sunset Boulevard,Some Like It Hot,Double Indemnity,The Apartment
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    Frank Capra

    It's A Wonderful Life,Mr Smith Goes To Washington,It Happened One Night
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    Charles Chaplin

    City Lights,The Gold Rush,Modern Times
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    Francis Ford Coppola

    The Godfather,The Godfather II,Apocalypse Now
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    John Huston

    The Maltese Falcon,The Treasure Of The Sierra Madre,The African Queen
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    Martin Scorsese

    Raging Bull,Taxi Driver,Goodfellas
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    Robert Altman

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    Michael Curtiz

    Casablanca,Yankee Doodle Dandy
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    Victor Fleming

    The Wizard Of Oz,Gone With The Wind
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    John Ford

    The Searchers,The Grapes Of Wrath
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    Elia Kazan

    On The Waterfront,A Streetcar Named Desire
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    David Lean

    Lawrence Of Arabia,The Bridge On The RIver Kwai.
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    George Lucas

    Star Wars: A New Hope,American Graffiti
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    Sidney Lumet

    12 Angry Men,Network
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    Mike Nichols

    The Graduate,Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf
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    Alan J. Pakula

    All The President's Men,Sophie's Choice
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    George Stevens

    Shane,Swing Time
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    Robert Wise

    The Sound Of Music,West Side Story
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    William Wyler

    The Best Years Of Our Lives,Ben-Hur

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