Review of Climax!

Climax! (1954–1958)
Casino Royale - 1954
31 January 1999
Being a Bond fan, procuring the video of this original broadcast was neither an easy feat nor overlooked in its importance. The October 21, 1954 episode of "Climax!" was the first time James Bond appeared on-screen, and nearly half a century later Bond is still making movies.

The "live" quality of the show makes it all that much more enjoyable; the spontaneity of the lines spoken and the fact that the actors are working with an actual time limit makes for a show in which the flow is constant and consistent, the interest is kept to an expected level, and the characters are more realistic. These are qualities which cannot be replicated in some 20 overly planned and rehearsed later Bond films - but this only makes Casino Royale different - not better.

It is certainly entertaining, to say the least, to watch the original characterization of "Jimmy" Bond - a fast-talking American agent - and compare it to the amazingly developed cool-headedness of today's 007. What a difference 45 years can make!
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