There's more hell than anywhere in this blaxpoitation of a film!!
29 August 1999
Hell up in Harlem is one hell of those classic blaxploitation film. Too true though, 'cos I got this one on tape.

This tells the story of Tommy Gibbs (Fred Williamson), the Black Caesar of New York's underworld who suffers a brutal blow when he gets shot in the streets courtesy of crooked New York cops trying to put an end to his reign of private organisation.

One thing for sure, he gets hold of the book of ledgers, names of corrupt people responsible for screwing around the neighbourhood making people lives hell in New York City.. Tommy is a man who won't go down in a fight, in fact he goes around bumping off drug suppliers, gangs, corrupt lawyers, etc who causes trouble in and around New York's underworld...

Also his main problem is another crooked officer James DiAngelo who seems determined to stop Tommy Gibbs from ruining his business.

When it all grinds down to the nitty-gritty Tommy takes another shot to finish those where he started and restore peace to New York's underworld.

This film made me laugh in a few parts, basically it's all to do with one man running his organisation in order to bring the bad guys who screwing up New York's neighbourhood.

Great songs from Edwin Starr who also sings the theme tune to the film..

It's worth a watch which Fred Williamson one of the stars who still makes his name as one of the classic names in blaxploitation films to date..

If you ever get to see Hell up in Harlem, you'll see how the Big Boss takes care of the business.. You catch me drift..?
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