A Dark and Disturbing Psychological Movie
31 July 2004
The story begins in colors with the violent murder of a prostitute followed by necrophilism by Peter Egermann (Robert Atzorn). Through the investigation, in black & white, the investigator interviews Peter's wife, the beautiful designer Katarina Egermann (Christine Buchegger), his doctor, his mother and some friends, and realizes that Peter is an unsecured man, who has never controlled his own life. His doctor's report indicates that Peter had a breakdown. In the colored epilog, Peter is in his cell, in a mental institution, observed by his wife and his nurse. This dark and disturbing psychological movie is very depressive. I am a fan of Ingmar Bergman, the interpretations and direction are excellent, as usual, but I did not like this complex story. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): `Da Vida das Marionetes ` (`From the Life of the Marionettes')
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