Review of Trust

Trust (1990)
One Of My Fave Rave Indie Films!
14 July 2000
I discovered Hal Hartley with this film and with "Simple Men". This is Hartley's greatest work and everything else since this has been second rate in my opinion. Friends have told me how much I'm like the character of Matthew, all that seething anger at the world and all.

The music, writing, acting, direction all add up to a wonderful and weird film experience. Hal Hartley's films are not for everyone and that's the way a lot of us Hartley fans like it. They are almost like a little private club of people who well...get it. Some people get his films, most don't. I've seen lots of people walk out in droves in the slower parts of some of his films. Case in point the Japanese dance scene in 'Flirt'. His films are filled with deadpan humor that reminds me a lot of the old 'Dragnet' TV series style of acting. Go see Trust and have a great time at the movies!
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