Review of Topsy-Turvy

Topsy-Turvy (1999)
1 July 2000
I was expecting this movie to be about the relationship between Gilbert and Sullivan, which I'd heard ended with them not speaking to one another. Actually, the movie takes place way earlier in their joint careers, since, after the Mikado, apparently they wrote 5 more productions. Basically, the story seems more of a framework for musical productions from G & S productions, almost all except the Mikado being from less popular, or less commonly done works. The acting was wonderful; the music and excerpts of productions were wonderful; costumes and make-up were wonderful. I was disappointed that so many loose ends were left untied, and so much in relationships and people's problems was hinted at and never fully developed. The characters were not as fully developed as I'd have liked. However, for a fan of G & S, the movie was enjoyable.
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