Classic Cyber-Punk
23 October 2004
You know, I may give this movie a 4, but I really suggest you watch it and I have to admit that I own it. This is a classic example of the cyber-punk genre, and this is one of those movies that is so bad it's good. This movie is like "Blade Runner"'s fat slutty sister. It has everything, bright neon lights, a huge corporate society run with the help of the yakuza, and a group of rejects who neglect technology and help save the day. Some of the other things in the movie are just hilarious. Who do you call on to take out Keanu Reeve's when the going gets tough? They called on some badass agents in "The Matrix" but in "Johnny Mnemonic"? A bionic street-preacher/mercenary who hands out sermons while he is busy crucifying his victims.
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