The Woodsman (2004)
A Movie Worth Discussing
15 January 2005
The fascinating aspect of this film is how it manages to put viewers into an awkward position: empathizing with the molester. Kevin Bacon's reserved handling of the character Walter is deft and powerful. At times, he is almost unrecognizable as Kevin Bacon.

The discussions that I heard after this movie were conversations I was glad to hear. Bacon's character in the film had a unusual sexual awakening early in life. Having no healthy means to try to understand his fetish, he got stuck in that moment of time forever. It turned into a sexual perversion and ending up being something that banished him from normal society. It makes for a brilliant psychological conflict on film.

On a side note, the musical scoring to this film is notably wonderful. Perhaps that has something to do with Damon Dash being one of the producers.
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