The Woodsman (2004)
Go see this movie!!!
27 January 2005
Don't be put off by the subject matter -- yes, Kevin Bacon plays a child molester just released from prison, and yes, the movie is distressing. It is also amazing. It would not be hyperbole to say that it was the best movie I saw all year. It is very quiet, without a lot of dialog and many scenes of just watching characters react to each other. Very subtle and very moving. And so fresh and different from so many movies that bash you over the head with The Point they're trying to make. When I got to the end, I realized how many levels the movie was operating on, without my even noticing. You could watch this movie many times, as there are many meanings to what is said, even the title has at least two meanings. I have always liked Kevin Bacon and I have so much respect for him for taking this role, it was so brave, and he just breaks your heart several times over with his performance. It is beyond me how the Academy could have overlooked him, they are cowards. Reward this fine actor and the many brave and talented people who made this excellent movie and go see it.
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