NYPD Blue (1993–2005)
Andy is the guy you want around to help with that guided wisdom we all need once in awhile.
2 March 2005
I have watched every single episode, watching Andy's transformation from genuine ass to a constant father,leader and finally a person with such caring impact ,that is so obsolete in todays world.Things done during this 12 year saga only defines the simple words"this is life"in a todays world ,so mirrored that this character could not only live in your city ,he my damn well be on your street, and a closer observation , he may live in your own home. This to me was the most powerful tracing of real life out there somewhere! Mr. Franz don't mistake me, my transition from ass to father was taught to me in subtle steps each Thursday. And to these paper characters i say "Job not only well done, but most assuredly greatly done".Iam sure this was Franz's life time achievement and to fit it so well only shows that there has to be more to follow . Hats off there guy! A same generation fan thanks for the entertainment. Gary
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