Review of Nash Bridges

Nash Bridges (1996–2001)
One of the greats!
24 June 2005
For the first 5 years, this show was outstanding. It had everything - good acting and character development, interesting actors, great guest stars, great locale (I live in the Bay Area and knew someone who worked on the show the first couple of seasons), humor, pathos - everything that makes a TV show watchable and fun. In fact, I was amazed when I looked through the IMDb list of actors who appeared during the life of the show; just about everyone who is anyone on the small screen, and then some. As with all shows, with season 6 it began showing its age and had declined, so it was time to end it. What a great run it was, though! I hope they bring it out on DVD soon so we can enjoy at our leisure without commercials. I rate it 9 out of 10 for the first 5 seasons!
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