Life Is Sweet (1990)
'life is sweet'
14 December 2005
Warning: Spoilers
agree with a bunch of these comments, life can be sweet without it being perfect.

i loved the way the perception of the characters changed as you learnt more about them. knowing mike leigh's style you can be sure that when wendy tells nicola that she gave up university to have her children and says 'You didn't know that did you?', jane horrocks certainly wouldn't have the first time they acted it.

what didn't occur to me later is that although life can be sweet even despite the many difficulties that all families have, there is a tender double meaning for nicola. by excluding her family and relying on her chocolates, life can still stay sweet, but in the most temporary and most bitter way.

i felt so optimistic at the end that they will come out of it all stronger together. upbeat, but as far from a Hollywood ending as you can get.
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