Jud Süß (1940)
Jud Suss
3 April 2006
For all of the concern about rumors regarding the actors, etc., it has not yet been mentioned that the story of Oppenhiem appeared in a novel written by a Jew. So the Nazis make a movie based upon a Jewish writer and those who have never seen the film are agog! Such nonsense. The film is entertaining and the acting is superior (certainly as measured by comments about how sinister the Jewish character is). What "educated" critics should examine is :1) does the film portray facts? 2) What are the falsehoods in the story? 3) and muse that if the actors are convincing and compelling, is the story invalidated? Time to use sense and logic instead of the typical panoply of complaints about "Nazis" and the like. Some writer's concern that there is "notorious propaganda" in the film (and all related baloney) only focuses on the alleged motivation of the producers. Where is the documentation that Goebbels was going to revoke the military exemption of the star? Even if true, how does anybody know what went on in private conversations. So much "history" is merely somebody's theory about what happened; Oh...things are so OBVIOUS. The star's apparent suicide has been described as his guilt over making the film. Hahahahahah. It didn't seem to bother him for years after making the film...IF such guilt was the reason. How would anyone know anyhow. All nonsense.

Is the same yardstick applied to the movies made by Hollywood, during the 1940s thru today, which constantly makes anything German look evil? No. Bruce Willis films show evil characters with German names and/or German accents. Get a life.
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