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Accepted (2006)
Animal House meets Ferris Buehler, Risky Business and Old School
25 May 2006
"Accepted" has more than its fair share of comic moments and characters. That's the fortunate thing about making a movie about goofy people. Unfortunately, it takes its self too seriously and continuously hits us over the head with the "Losers are OK too" message.

"Animal House" from which "Accepted" borrowed freely, was a more straightforward comedy. It strung together a series of great sketches with a lame plot line, but the plot was never the movie. Animal House will forever be the college comedy to which other similar films are compared.

Risky Business was more purposeful, Ferris Buehler tighter and Old School better acted.

So where does this leave "Accepted"? In need of re-work.

Fortunately I saw it at a screening in May and it's not supposed to come out until August, leaving the film-makers time to re-work. There's good material here and the audience laughed at the gags. Also, the premise of a made up college is interesting. I just hope that they lose the preachiness and overt plagiarism from "Animal House".
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